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Copy of Riesling Smaragd Ried Wunderburg 2020

Copy of Riesling Smaragd Ried Wunderburg 2020


Price incl. 13% VAT


The Wunderburg is a part of the well-known Kellerberg, southeast of the Dürnstein ruins. Sandy loess on mineral primary rock shape the soil profile. This sandy soil with its special flora characterizes this unique Riesling. Not only is the name beautiful, but also mystical and legendary-dream-like-beautiful is this special location.


Wine: dense and rich in extract. Dried fruit and fig aroma on the nose, mineral notes on the palate with an intense apricot aroma. The long-lasting finish is reminiscent of honeydew melon.


Food Recommendations: Veal dishes, duck, game, spicy cheese


Filled in 0.75l bottles


Order quantity must be at least 6 bottles or a multiple thereof!

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