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Riesling UNTOUCHED Ried Hollerin 2019

Riesling UNTOUCHED Ried Hollerin 2019


incl. 13 % tax


"The goal for every winegrower must be to bring the quality matured in the vineyard into the wine glass. The most modern cellar technology cannot replace the quality, which develops in the vineyard." For this reason, we consciously want to distinguish ourselves from the industrially wine production with an authentic product. We practice viticulture and cellar economy as a joyful craft, which represents a new challenge every year. So, we let fashions and fashion words pass us by and continue to produce a wine that reflects the soil, the climate and the people who produce it.

‘Untouched’ is processed using only the ripest grapes from the Hollerin vineyard. Grapes are squeezed and pressed and the juice filled into oak barrels. The juice is refined to wine by the microbiological fauna (primarily yeast) that are naturally found on the grapes. The wine ferments and matures in the oak barrel undisturbed until bottling.


0,75 lt


Orderquantity must be minimum 6 bottles or a multiple of it (12, 18, 24, 30, 36)

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